Supply Own Fabrics

Looking to send in your textiles to make your ultimate dream garment? - you are in the right place!

Here is everything you need to know on how to send in your materials.


How it works

Each month I will be allocating slots for customers who want to send in their tea towels and fabrics to be transformed into their dream garments!

The two options for this are as follows:

Supply your own tea towel - for this listing, you will only need to provide a tea towel. I will use fabric from my own stash.

Supply your own fabric - for this listing, you will need to provide the fabrics (and tea towel if you want!).


Under the 'Made To Order' tab, you can find the different options with further information on what to send and sizing. 


The pricing on the individual listings is the base price. If you would like to change the sleeve option on the midi dresses and blouses, or if there are any added details like ruffles, vintage trimming, then there will be an added cost - this is added in the form of an invoice after confirmation of details.

Minor alterations like lengthening/shortening garments is free of charge.



1. After purchasing, please send in a picture of your tea towel/fabrics to If you would like to add some of your own materials or let me know what kind of colours you want or any added details including matching accessories, please add this in the email.

2. I will get in touch to discuss further details and then I will provide the address to send fabrics at the buyer's expense.

3. Once the tea towel/fabrics arrive, I will confirm all details and if there are any added costs, I will send an invoice.

4. Once all paid, please allow 6-8 weeks to make your garment

Any tea towel size is acceptable.


What materials to send?

✨You will need to send enough fabrics for me create your garment. Many AFRAYED items are oversized so more fabric is needed - please keep this in mind.

🌸Try to provide fabrics that keep their shape. Examples - cotton, linen. For the button opening at the front, I need this material to be sturdy enough and to not fray easily.

🌿DO NOT send any materials with a lot of stretch. If you need any assistance in choosing fabrics, please message me using the contact form!

 To help determine the quantity of materials needed for a size large garment, please see the table below:


Jumpsuit - 150cm wide, 3.5 metres

Midi Dress - 150cm wide, 3.5 metres

Mini Dress - 150cm wide, 3 metres

Blouse - 150cm wide, 2 metres


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